The Early Years-Foundation Stage is for children aged 2-5 years. There are 4 classes: Toddler (2-<3 year olds), Nursery (3 -<4 year olds), Kindergarten 1 (4-<5 year olds) and Kindergarten 2 (4-<5 year olds).
We adapt the Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligencesas we recognize that every child is created unique, special, and has more than one mental ability. We recognize that children have many ways to learn, many ways to express their ideas; therefore we endeavor to create a warm environment where children may learn joyfully through their unique ways. Education takes place through devotion, play, hands-on activities, stories,circle time, crafts, games, puzzles, drawing and painting, cooking, songs, and role-play. Classrooms are equipped with tools and multimedia to support those activities.Field trips are made several times during a semester to provide a fun-learning of certain topics in the curriculum.
The Areas of Learning in the Early Years-Foundation Stage are:
1. Spiritual Development
2. Physical Development
3. Cognitive Development
4. Literacy, Language and Communication
5. Social and Emotional Development
6. Understanding the World
7. Artistic skills

The spiritual development in Amazing School is focused on the children’s relationship with God more than just religious knowledge. Children are encouraged to pray, learn about Bible characters, and to have personal encounters with God.

Outdoor activities contribute to children’s wellness and physical development, also to their knowledge of the world around them. The children have the opportunity and are encouraged to take part in outdoorchild-chosen and adult-led activities, as well as those provided indoors.
Cognitive development contains science and math. Young children have a natural curiosity about the environment in which they live. Our science program is designed to awaken and nourish this curiosity. In the science activities children are encouraged to observe and explore, make generalizations, inquire, and draw conclusions. Our math program is based on the knowledge that young children learn best through the use of concrete materials. Therefore, all our beginning math experiences involve manipulative plays. We provide Montessori tools and multimedia to support the learning process. We introduce conceptual and creative thinking since the children’s early years.
Story-telling, phonics, nursery rhymes, book corner are used to develop the children’s literacy and language skills. Teachers are trained to stimulate children to ask and speak to improve their communication skills.

Self-management, recognizing the presence of others, expressing emotions, wants and needs, ability to control emotions, are part of Understanding the World. The children will have toilet training and also learn to wear shoes and brush teeth without assistance.
Understanding and caring for the community and environment, acceptance to differences, sense of patriotism, understanding on rules and roles in the community, awareness to important events, are the goals of the Social and Emotional Development.

In developing the artistic skills we emphasize on the development of imaginative ideas. Crafts, painting and drawing, drama play, music lessons are directed to help children enhance the use of their “right brain”.We encourage children to freely choose their own artistic styles in the art projects.
The learning process and the environment are designed to make these areas of learning possible. We work closely with parents to ensure the well-being and all-round development of our young children.


The Early Years Foundation Stage

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Toddler - Monday, Wednesday, Friday 07:30 – 09:30
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Kindergarten - Monday to Friday 07:30 -10:15
Primary 1st -3rd Grade - Monday to Friday 07:15 – 13:00
Primary 4th – 6th Grade - Monday to Friday 07:15-14:00

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